Sample Pack

Sample Mini Car Hood Package

The sample packs are for small quantity orders if you do not need the larger

Sample Pack Blank #100: $179.00 (Free shipping to USA 48)
This package will include 1 Large and 2 Medium in our plain white painted hoods

Sample Pack Graphics #500G: $249.00 (Free shipping to USA 48). 
This package will include a graphic of one of your designs so you can see the quality of the images and sizing. You will receive 1Large and 2 medium.

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  Sample Pack #100 of Blank Hoods:
  Includes 1 Large and 2 Medium. $179.00
  Free Shipping to USA 48 ONLY
  Sample Pack #500G of Graphic Hoods:
  Includes 1 Large, 2 Med with your graphics. $249.00
  You will send your graphics to us after your purchase.
  Free Shipping to USA 48 ONLY
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