All of our standard mini hoods come with a white automotive paint covered with a clear coat.

Painted Mini Hoods

We now have a system in place to accommodate the painted mini hood market. This is not a cheap process. 

Minimum Purchase Requirements: 

12 Large Hoods 
24 Medium Hoods

Call to discuss pricing as it is labor intensive. Sanding each hood, removing any oil & grease, resanding, primer and then base coat, finishing up with a clear coat and then color sanding each hood and buffing.

We do not put decals under the clear coat. We will apply a decal to the top coat. (Extra Cost for labor and decal)


Yes we can, however.The standard colors are the best options..If you require a special paint..Their will be an additional cost

Yes..Example: 6 Large and 10 Medium would be the minimum for this.

Depending on quantity..Minimum time would be 3-4 weeks.

Typically we use paints from Sherwin Williams Automotive Paint Company..Very good quality and all the standard colors available

This will depend on your sizing. The large hoods are about $75 to $95 per hood and the mediums run $30-$35 per hood. Specialty paints will require additional costs. This does not include the cost of the hood itself.