Sorry, but no you cannot because as a manufacturer we have sheets of metal we use. 1 Hood would leave too much metal to scrap..Its best to order a sample pack here...You have 2 selections, order a blank sample pack (1 Large & 2 Mediums) or order the Graphic sample pack (1 Large & 2 Mediums) and you can ask for template to send us your graphics.

All blank hoods are automotive white paint with a clear coat... This is the only option for blank hoods..Please refer to having hoods painted here..

Yes, after you have paid for the order we can send you a template to layout your graphics on..

We do not, all blank hoods are white... We can paint hoods but have minimums on that.. Please go to Painted Hoods..

We have a minimum of 3 for Large and 10 for medium. Unless you combine 3 Large with 5 Medium. Call for pricing on this.

We will ship international, however the buyer is responsible to set up their own broker and be responsible for pickup and all related expenses.

No you cannot...We have a minimum of 250 hoods for this, the only exception is if you are ordering in larger quantities of the other sizes..Above 25-50 Hoods, then you can order a minimum of 100 7". You can add graphics to these but they are NOT available to paint.

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